DIGST Department of Brain Sciences


Student support expenses

  • Master's program: 33 credits or more (21 credits or more, at least 12 research credits)
  • Doctoral program: 72 credits or more (36 or more course credits, 36 or more research credits)
  • Integrated course: 60 credits or more (36 or more course credits, 24 or more research credits)

Education and research subsidy support

  • Target: Master's, Ph.D., and government-funded scholarship students who are enrolled in an integrated or linked course
  • Minimum monthly standard (basic incentives)
  • Master's course: ~ 650,000 won/month
  • Doctoral program: ~ 1,170,000 won/month

Graduate School President Scholarship (DPF)

  • Selected among outstanding freshmen/current students
  • Special scholarship: 3 million won/semester
  • Research support fee: within KRW 10 million
  • Support for overseas university training expenses
  • Apply directly by the student at the time of registration

Overseas training

  • Internship at a leading overseas university
  • Support for participation in international symposiums
  • The Netherlands Masstricht University Dual Degree Program Available to Apply


  • All occupancy available