DIGST Department of Brain Sciences


Graduation degree completion requirements

The number of credits earned for each course is as follows in accordance with Article 78 of the school regulations.

  • Master's program: 33 credits or more (21 credits or more, at least 12 research credits)
  • Doctoral program: 72 credits or more (36 or more course credits, 36 or more research credits)
  • Integrated course: 60 credits or more (36 or more course credits, 24 or more research credits)
Division Course completion Note
Subject credit Common Electives or Other Major Courses

- Master's: 21 or more course credits

- Doctoral: 36 or more course credits

- Integration: 36 or more course credits

※ Students must complete at least 3 credits from common elective courses or other major courses.
Curriculum Management and Completion Guidelines Article 10
Major subjects
Research credits Thesis or Capstone
1. Completion of a Thesis or Capstone course

- Master's: 9 credits or more

- Doctoral: 30 credits in Thesis (9 credits in Capstone for master's program may be included) or more

- Integration: More than 21 credits in Thesis (including 6 credits of Capstone for Master's program)

Seminars and Internships
2. Completion of Seminar and Internship courses

- Master's: 3 credits or more

- Doctoral: 6 credits or more

- Integration: 3 credits or more

※ 1 credit for seminar and 1 credit for internship must be completed.

Comprehensive exam and thesis

  • Comprehensive exam: only for doctoral and integrated courses
  • Dissertation: Refer to Article 9 of the Degree Conferment Guidelines and Article 41 of the School Regulations for criteria for passing the examination

Graduation Recognition Grade Point Average

  • The GPA of all subjects completed must be 3.0/4.3 or higher. (Refer to Article 81 of the School Regulations)

Shortest course period for graduation accreditation

  • The shortest period of accreditation for each course must pass the following period.

- Master's course: 2 semesters or more

- Doctoral program: 4 semesters or more

- Integrated course: 6 semesters or more