DIGST Department of Brain Sciences

Mission (Academic / Research)

Research on the brain so far!

It has been made in many fields, such as psychology, medical biology, and physiology , and its discovery and understanding have also made considerable achievements in each field.
The achievements, discoveries and knowledge of each academic field can be said to be pieces of a puzzle, and modern and future studies are in the era of merging them to complete an essential and integrated big picture about the brain.
It is no longer isolated and fragmented knowledge within a certain field of study, but by leading the reintegration of brain-related specialized knowledge and pursuing a neo-renaissance era of brain-related studies, our brain aims to foster brain research experts in the field of convergence science who will be responsible for future studies. It is the educational purpose of the science department.

Deriving a new field of consilience brain research through multidisciplinary linkage
Understanding and conducting research on goal-oriented research approaches that span various academic fields
Facilitate open and close communication and discussion and presentation between professors and students
Continuous consideration, understanding, application and application of new knowledge through student-led academic meetings
Connecting various disciplines through the operation of an integrated curriculum and deriving creative ideas based on this