DIGST Department of Brain Sciences


Internship Program Purpose

The Department of Neuroscience at the DGIST Graduate School provides an opportunity to participate in creative research for undergraduate students interested in brain science research and education, and provides prospects and visions in this field to help them choose their majors and careers in the future.

Internship Program Overview

  • Date : to be announced later
  • Target : 3rd~4th year undergraduate students (can apply for leave of absence), graduates from domestic and foreign universities
  • Application benefits : 5 weeks of internship dormitory provided
  • Number of people expected to be selected : 0
  • Other inquiries : Jeon Soo-in (053-785-6102)

Selection method

  • Document review evaluation
  • Interview can be conducted if necessary
  • However, if it is judged that there are no qualified applicants among the applicants, the selection may not be made.
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